Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fresh Till Cowl from Yarniverse - Day 3

Pay closer attention...

It never pays to get too confident in knitting.  I read the directions—too quickly—for the next section of this cowl and sped right ahead. After all, I know how to purl, and K2TOG is one of the classics, right?  Easy peasy.

I looked at my little row of eyelets and couldn’t figure out why they didn’t look the way I thought they should. Something was amiss.  I know how to knit two together, I’ve been doing it for years.  How could I have messed easy pattern up?

Then I went back and re-read the directions.  I paid a smidgen more attention this time.  Face-palm moment: I should have been purling.  It isn't K2TOG, it’s P2TOG—small but vital distinction there, hmm?

I’ve never actually purled two together before.  Still, it was easy enough to figure out—which makes it embarrassing that I didn’t catch the correct stitch in the first place.  

Me, put in my place by the humble purl stitch.  I swear to you I could hear the yarn laughing.

When I redid the eyelet row correctly, everything settled into place.  Funny that.  How many things in life would work out right if we just took the time to make sure we were following directions correctly?


By the way, don’t you just love the new addition to my car thanks to my brother?

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