Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Day 4

Are the lines really blurred?

Ah, purple.  My eyes feel glad to have a gentler color, if darker, color to knit.  

I have to confess to a few misgivings, however, on the color change. In many of Vice’s colorways, the shift between colors is gradual and flowing.  Here, I feel like we were traveling down Pink Street and just made a hard left onto Purple Avenue.  Some of that may be due to the size of the rows—the shift between pink hues at the very top where the rows were shorter is more gradual.  Down here in section 5, it’s closer to self-striping.  And rebellious little blotches of purple show up before I want them to, as if they’re cutting in line. My, but I seem to be generous with my similes and metaphors today!

I have knitted long enough to know that what I feel now may not be what I feel later.  I have had doubts about works-in-progress before, only to be thrilled with the completed project.  It’s just the same in my writing—the middle is no place to pass judgement on an effort.

One thing I do know for sure is how VERY glad I am to have Continental Style knitting in my toolbox while I’m doing all this switching back and forth between knits and purls.  This would be tortuously tedious in American Style.  Just like in ribbing, alternating knits and purls go much faster in Continental.  Yes, it takes a bit of effort to learn.  I went to a class to force myself, even though I knew the basic concept.  Next time you do color work, ribbing, moss or seed stitch, however, you will be glad you can knit Continental Style.  Think of it like learning a new software program—hard at first, but with a gratifying payoff.  

See? There I go with the metaphors again.  You’d think I were a writer or something…

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