Sunday, April 26, 2015

Uliuli Wai Shawl from Needlecraft Cottage - Day 6

Almost ready...

The final steps of any shawl this lovely are always filled with anticipation.  Like any lacework, I’m only barely glimpsing what this piece will look like in her final form.  Right now the color is still spectacular, but the design, drape, and weight of this fiber have yet to be revealed.  This darling still needs to spread her wings.

Yes, it took an hour and a half to bind this off.  Part of that was because knowing my lack of skill at good bind-offs, I opted for my go-to technique: Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off rather than the standard bind-off written in the pattern.  When I project such as this will undergo serious blocking, I need the elasticity Jenny’s provides.  

The shawl is currently curling on the edges, and that makes me nervous, but experience has taught be a little bath can work wonders on things like this.

Here is the Uliuli Wai in her bath.  The color deepens in the water—very apt, don’t you think?

Then came the meticulous blocking process.  Wires are definitely the way to go here in order to get stretch and definition.  Now, however, we get a glimpse of how beautiful the final product will be.

Stay tuned—the fantastic finale is just days away!

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