Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Zoom Loom Shelby Sheep Kit from The Woolery - Day 5

The perils of pom-poms...


I have a sketchy history with the little buggers.  Mine never come out looking fluffy--mine often end up looking like little mangey puppies.  So you can imagine my trepidation at the prospect of the more than two dozen of them awaiting me for this project.

Luckily, the kit provides super-detailed instructions on the size and construction of the pom-poms.  They are loopy--you don't cut the ends--so that helps with the unevenness that always plagues my pom-poms.  While mine always seem to look like they are weeks overdue for a decent haircut, these are supposed to look uneven.  I stand a chance!

The tedium of making 27 one-inch pom-poms, however, should not be underestimated.  It’s a lot of looping and tying.  Make sure you have some really compelling or amusing television on hand for this part of the project.  In my case, a couple of episodes of my new television fave Scorpion fit the bill.  

I am daunted by all the sewing that will be involved in affixing these colorful little fluff balls to my sheep.  As I’ve stated before, hand sewing is not my thing. But I take heart in the knowledge that adding fleece will most certainly doom the "sheeping mantis” mystique. Fleece installed, my creation will finally resemble the right species (even with the rainbow fleece) and all will be well.

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