Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Can you believe it?? 2015 launches DestiKNITions’ SEVENTH year and will soon contain the 500th episode!  Hard to believe I’ve had that much fun—and logged those many miles—over the years.  As I do every January, here’s the Happy Birthday Click-Thru Tour highlighting some of my favorite posts from the past year:

I cheated and its partner post Bet you saw this coming

New:  Authors Who Knit will shift to READERS Who Knit for 2015!  I’ve been telling my publisher (and anyone else who will listen) that readers are knitters and knitters are readers.  What better way to celebrate that marvelous symbiosis then by highlighting my readers who take to the yarn and needles?  Starting in February, I’ll feature 11 Allie fans and their knitting—one each month—and those featured readers will get a few special goodies as well as some kudos here on DestiKNITions.  Email me at allie [at] alliepleiter [dot] com if you want to submit to be featured.

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