Monday, December 8, 2014

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 5

New color, new stitches!

It felt like a vacation to finally get to work the teal yarn!  Seriously, I was grinning like a fool for the first five rows.  No more brown trellis!  Don’t get me wrong—it’s beautiful, but I was beyond ready for a change.

Once again, the kit concept has shown its value; I would have never put these three colors together if left to my own devices.  I just love the contrast between the teal and the brown, and the fern green (how appropriate!) will add the perfect touch for the next section.

Time to fess up on a mistake I’ve made with this project.  When I pulled out the needles, I was pleased my handy short set of 5’s were just the ticket.  Until this week, when I realized I’d used 5mm, not size 5.  It meant I was actually knitting with size 8.   When I pulled the larger size called for in the next section of this pattern, I realized my error.  In keeping with the directions, that means I’ll have to do the next section with size 9.  The good news is that I also have a handy little short set of size 9s, and being of the “not petite” variety at almost 6 feet tall, it’s usually best to size things up.  Only lace doesn't always look right on larger needles, so I’m a bit worried how that will turn out.  

Stay tuned…we’ll all see soon enough.

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