Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Brush Creek Cowlette from The Knitting Nest - Day 2

Color block and color progression…

Some days you can be really happy you have both charts and written directions to help you on your project.

Especially those days where you have to do row 59 three times in order to get it right.  It’s those times that you need the essential information that charts provide—mainly which stitches stack on others from the row below.  Then, and only then, can you see those two extra stitches in the third repeat that is messing everything up.  

I’m rather proud that I managed to find and correct my errant yarn-overs, even if it did take me three tries and my husband looked at me with one of those “isn’t that supposed to be fun?” glares when I started mumbling to myself.  When it’s me against the yarn--even beautiful yarn like this--I get really competitive.

In my defense, tiny dark stitches present many challenges.  While I’m sure I’m going to love the blue color progressions when it’s done, they are currently taxing my 50+ eyes.  The rolling ripples of blue remind me of my visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains one Thanksgiving—all that “purple mountains majesty” of patriotic song fame.  Very pretty.

And very assuring that this is going to be lovely when it’s done!

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