Friday, July 11, 2014

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Done at Last!

I made it to the last leaf!

I finally finished!  It’s wonderful.  I do love all the clever little parts; the colorful leaves, the way the final stripe makes up one edge, the way the leading edge of each leaf curls up just the tiniest bit, all of it.  One of my favorite things is how different this shawl is from so many others I own--and I own so many.  I expect I’ll be grinning every time I wear this for some time.

Will I get as many comments and questions when I wear it as when I was knitting it?  I’ll have to let you know.

Thanks to those of you who wrote to express concern regarding my last post.  I’m glad to report I’ve discontinued that pesky prescription and all those side effects have disappeared.  Now I’ll be looking into some alternative options to keep my migraines away.  That’s knitters for you—always showing care to other knitters!

Up next, I try the striking Metalouse shawl design by the popular Stephen West!

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