Saturday, January 18, 2014

Darjeeling Shawl from Yarning for Ewe - Done!


I’ll admit, this one took a fair bit of effort on my part.  Still, I’d say the results are worth it—this is the most intricate shawl I’ve made to date.  I’m rather proud of myself.

Before blocking
The drape and feel live up to my expectations—it’s light as air and deliriously soft.  Like lacework always does, it didn’t look quite up to snuff until it got blocked.  

After Blocking
Now, it’s boasting lovely lines and that perfect, near-vintage lacey quality you want in a garment like this.

I don’t think I’d recommend working this up in anything other than a solid yarn—it wouldn’t have the same effect.  I’m happy with the color I chose—elegant but not stuffy.  

All in all a challenging but highly satisfying knitting experience!  Thanks, Yarning for Ewe!

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