Thursday, December 26, 2013

Darjeeling Shawl from Yarning for Ewe - Day 2

Cold weather knitting...

This is the thing about knitters:  we’re never bored.  

This week it has been ridiculously cold in Chicago…below zero.   The kind of weather where if there isn’t a compelling reason to go outside, it’s hard to make a case to leave your cozy home.  Some members of my family who are used to warmer climes are home for the holidays and going a bit—no, a lot—stir crazy.

Me, I’m happy as a clam.  I’m comfy, cozy, and finishing up the garter section of this shawl.  I have all I need right here, and am blissfully content to be sitting inside with some left over apple pie and a cup of coffee.

Readers are the same way.  As long as we have a book (or knitting), a wait doesn’t bother us—it’s just more time to sink ourselves into either kind of yarn.  Sure, this section isn’t the most exciting knitting I’ve done lately, but I’m happy with any kind of knitting.

If your family celebrates Christmas, I hope your holiday was warm and cozy and filled with great knitting.

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