Sunday, September 29, 2013

Knitted Wire Cuff from Urban Arts + Crafts - Day 4

It’s knitting, only it’s not.  

Or at least, it doesn’t feel like any knitting I’ve done before.  The wire doesn’t seem to want to lay nicely on the needles.  It keeps kinking up instead of smoothy looping--there must be a flaw in my technique, although I can’t quite figure out what it is.

The beads slip nicely into place, bit it did take me a few rows to decide if I wanted to place a bead every other stitch, or every third stitch.  I decided I liked every other stitch best.  Just the right amount of color against the silver.

I didn’t look like knitted stitches to me at first.  It appears knotted rather than the rhythmic symmetry of I admire of knitting.  Still, once I got about two inches into it, I began to see how it might take a fabric form.  It is very flexible, and because you work every other row with beads so they all “poke out,” this is surprisingly comfortable against my skin.

I’d classify my current viewpoint as cautiously optimistic.  I see definite possibilities.  No “love,” but solid “like.”  That’s the creative process for you--always in process.

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