Monday, August 26, 2013

Arroyo Shawl from Yarn Shop and More - Day 3

The "Want to"s vs. the "Have to"s

Lace never seems to look right at the time you’re knitting it.  It hasn’t yet achieved the open, lightweight clarity I know it will gain when it is blocked.  That’s not to say it isn’t pretty, but it isn’t yet beautiful.  Knit-but-unblocked lace is the middle school girl of knitting; all the bones and shapes are there, but they haven’t yet settled in the right places.

I tackle my lace knitting with the potent strategy I use to tackle life:  small steps lauched by the next right thing.  

Some days a whole project like this looms too large for my mood or looks too demanding for my current energy.  I gaze at a whole shawl and wonder where I’ll find the time to get all that knitting in.  Or, other days, I’m swamped by the opposite--I see all that knitting and don’t want any of life to get in the way.  What’s a DestiKNITter to do?

At times like these I break the whole shebang down into small segments with mini-goals.  I set a goal of getting to the middle of this lace section, then set another to get to the end.  I break every pattern row into stitch markers noting the repeats, etc.

Since deadlines are a part of my everyday writing existence, I have only one test for how fast or far to go in my knitting goals:  If it feels like work, stop.

Sure, I write about my knitting here, and I do set schedules and deadlines for myself, but I will blow off those deadlines if the sheer pleasure of yarn between my fingers starts to fade.  The way I see it, if I’m not having any fun, you won’t have any fun.

Keep in mind that hard can still be fun.  Challenging can still be pleasing.  I just want to make sure the “want to”s of my knitting never collide with the “have to”s that rule the rest of my life.

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