Friday, November 16, 2012

Quirky Bird Knits Lady's Mantle from Knitter's Mercantile - Done!

Finally Finished!  

Granted, it took twice as long to finish the last ball of this Yarn Hollow Brocade as I planned, but that’s not really the yarn’s fault, is it?

It’s a cozy piece.  Fluffy yet with an elegant drape--you could easily dress this up or down.  I’m very glad I added those extra inches, although I think if I had it to do all over again I’d get a third hank and keep the original neck-to-waist length.  Or close to it.  Too much and this would start to look like a poncho.

This is one of those accessories that calls for a stand-out closure.  I’ve got a few, but a new piece like this might demand some holiday shopping, and I’m ready to take on that challenge.  Maybe one of the JUL closures Knitter's Mercantile showcases, or just a statement pin.  I’ll let my inspiration strike me.

While I do love the colorway, I’m changing my mind about doing this in a solid.  It would be wonderfully versatile in a cream, black, or red, don’t you think?  The stitching would certainly be harder without the color change to help track the yarn-overs, but I expect if I paid enough attention I could pull it off.

Up next, we’ll hear from November’s Author Who Knits, and then you’ll join me for a dash through Denver that scores us some great chocolate and a clever little adorned knit bag.

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