Saturday, August 25, 2012


Hole in one, two, three...

I love it when a designer makes up for my shortcomings.  When she puts a few tricks into her pattern that allow me to set aside some of my knitting frustrations and simply enjoy the craft.

I am not a numbers person.  I am a word person.  This means that counting rows is not one of my favorite knitting tasks.  Oh, I’ve collected a myriad of cool gadgets to help me count, but at the end of the day, anything I don’t have to count is a good thing.

Designer Annie Lee has given me a nifty trick to in this pattern, in that each of the two-row repeats creates a set of holes at one end of the scarf.  If I need to do the repeat 14 times, I don’t have to fish around in my knitting bag for my row counter, I merely have to count holes.

Can I say how much I love that?

Speaking of love, I am infatuated with the deep indigo of this yarn.  I find the color so rich and wonderful.  I haven’t decided, however, how I feel about the strands of gold that find their way into the yarn every once in a while.  Do they add character?  Or do they detract from the blue?  Usually I have strong opinions on such things, but for this one, “the jury is still out.”  I suspect I won’t really know until the piece is finished.

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