Monday, April 2, 2012

Alligator Scarf from Knitting Under the Influence of Nancy - Day 3

See you later...? 

Sometimes, the world just sorts itself out so nicely

Of course, it wasn't a surprise that after I visited Louisiana I'd be vacationing in Florida. Like most family moms, vacation arrangements (food, snacks, hotel reservations, hire dog and house sitter, etc) fall to me so it's not like I just hop in the car and recreate. I must organize, expedite, execute, and than maybe if I'm lucky I can recreate. 

The marvelous connection I hadn't made was alligators. In short, it's as much fun to be knitting an alligator in Florida as it is to do in Louisiana. Florida Gator comments aside, vacation plans afforded me the chance to visit the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary and see...what else? The real deal. 

The above brown blob is an actual photo of an actual live alligator I met in Florida.  The bumpy thing on the right lurking behind all that foliage?  A particularly large alligator (thank God for zoom lenses!)  You'll have to believe me because I'm certain you could not ascertain that fact with the naked eye. Gators, it seem, are not fond of paparazzi (unless, as a dragon-loving friend of mine is known to quip, you are crunchy and good with ketchup). 

Unlike the herons who shared their swampy hangout, the gators were not interested in posing for photos. About the only thing you can clearly see are the bumps on their backs. 

How fitting, then, that I am at the point in this project where I am knitting endless rows of alligator back bumps. 

Having seen their real-life counterparts, I have new respect for the snugly fiber variety. 

The only gator I ever want near me is this kind.

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