Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lovikka Mittens from Three Bags Full - Day 4

Hands down...

Hands are the tedious part of mittens.  You just chug along until you get to the appropriate point to start the decrease.  Cuffs have the excitement of a newly started project, gussets hold the promise of the thumb, but hands?  Well, they’re just the part between the thumb and the finish line.

Now, in some mittens, this is where your pattern gets to show off.  In last year’s spiffy alpaca models, the hand was a collection of fabulous colorwork.  Here, not so much.  All the action in this pattern lays in the wonderful cuffs.

The nice part here is that you can try the mitten on as you go.  It’s a little goofy looking, but gratifying to know the thumb and fingertips are lining up exactly where you want them.  Custom mittens, if you will.

Next up?  The final structural elements: thumb and fingertips.

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