Monday, December 12, 2011

Knit Along: Schmetterling Shawl from Mia Bella - DONE!

Ah, yes, this is why we block. The bliss of transformation.

It’s the butterfly coming out of its cocoon--come on, with the name being German for butterfly, you knew that metaphor was coming at some point.  

It’s light and lacy and wonderful.  Seasonless--this could grace a tank top as easily as it will grace a cream turtleneck for Christmas (my current plan).
I did wish--for the hundredth time--that I had blocking wires.  Pins give you just too many pointy marks no matter how you fuss with them.  I need blocking wires.  Hey, Christmas is coming right?  Not that members of my family read my blog.  

I have been known to go out, buy something, then call my husband and tell him to say “Merry Christmas.”  I did that with my beloved Keurig coffee machine.

Me: “Say Merry Christmas, honey.”
He:  “Merry Christmas.  Why?”
Me:  “You just bought me a coffee machine for Christmas.”
He: (unsurprised) “Oh.”
Me:  “Yep.  It’s awesome.  Just what I wanted.”
He:  “So you’re going to go home and put it under the tree?”
Me:  “No way.  I’m going to go home and plug it in.”

Not a big fan of delayed gratification, yours truly.  But this shawlette?  Absolutely worth waiting for.  And I have a free hour or two tomorrow, so some blocking wires may just find their way home with me.

Next, we have two big treats.  On Wednesday, I’ll be participating in the 13 Days of Doctor Who Blog Hop, talking about--what else--knitting in Dr. Who.  Stop by and you can win some cool stuff.

After that, we start the lovely cowl from Stitches.  Cuddly wonderfulness.  Life is very good indeed.