Thursday, October 27, 2011

Knit Along: Hand Spun Bouquet Scarf from Loopy Mango - Done!

Charming, happy, fast...

Honestly, the speed of this project is its attraction.  I ripped the whole thing out halfway through and still didn’t have time to get bored!  And it’s garter stitch.  Sure, its a happy, chunky, enormous garter stitch, but there’s something engaging about this yarn.  Maybe it’s the springtime-y colors I chose contrasting with fall’s warm hues all around me, but this was so very enjoyable.  

I wore it today and got stopped at least a dozen times--it’s an eye-catching accessory to be sure.  Suddenly I’m craving a hat to match.
I do have one misgiving:  I can’t help thinking I should have worked all the rosettes onto one side.  I wrangled them so that they alternated sides, because I’m not especially fond of scarves with “wrong” sides, but this also means I have lumpy rosettes poking me in the neck (well, they’re soft so I suppose they’re just prodding me, but it’s irritating just the same).  I think if I had it to do over--no, I am NOT frogging this a second time--I’d push all the rosettes to one side.  The yarn is loose enough that I could probably just nudge them over to one side even now.  It'd make for more color per square inch and something smoother against my neck.  Then again, turtleneck season is upon us so it soon won’t matter.

All in all, a truly satisfying project with perfectly stunning results.  Thanks, Loopy Mango!

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Bonnie said...

It looks great! I think you're right that you could just nudge the rosettes to the same side if you wanted to.