Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf from Lion Brand Studio - DONE

It's complete!  

And it's killing me that it is too warm in Chicago right now to wear this lovely scarf, even lacy as it is.  Every knitter loves fall for just that reason--it's time to break out all the lush, fluffy stuff.

I'm very pleased.  It's shorter than many of my other scarves, but I think it suits the airy nature of the piece.  It's a smart little thing, an accent rather than a drape.  Just itching for a lovely pin or a clever knot, don't you think?  

Well done, Lion Brand.  You've designed in impressive scarf that even a novice could attempt with confidence.  And you already know how I feel about the yummy yarn.  My photos just don't do the color justice.

I'm going to treat you to another goodie today, DestiKNITters.  

If you've not encountered the lovely little accessory called a yarn bowl, allow me to introduce you.  Pottery lovers, here's a chance to combine your passions.  This piece was given to me by my brother, one of Virginia artisan Brian Lacy's works.  I love that his business card says "functional, handmade pottery to enhance the culture of living."  Thanks, Brian I really do feel enhanced.  I feel artistic.  

I feel like my yarn won't roll off the table next time.  See that clever little slit?  You drop your ball of yarn in the bowl (this one's a nice size to accommodate any number of yarn weights), feed the yarn through the slot, and knit away.  Unlike some of the other yarn holders which feed the yarn through a closed hole, you can insert and remove the yarn from this holder at will.  That's good, because you really don't want to tote pottery around.  Still, while you're stitching in the comfort of your own home, this is an artful addition to your yarn gadget collection.

Speaking of artful, wait until you see the fabulously artistic nature of our next project from Loopy Mango.  See you soon!

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