Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Knit Along: Galaxy Scarf from Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe - Day 6

Once more, with feeling...
It’s a close cousin to second sock syndrome.  I’ve traveled all the way to the edge of this delicate, lacy scarf, and now I go back to the center, pick my my first row of stitches, and do it all over again.  Revving up the excitement takes a bit of work.  I’m bolstered, however, by my competency with the pattern repeat now.  I’ve gone multiple repeats without having to pull out messed up rows, and that feels good.  This pattern has stretched my stitch literacy--my ability to look at the stitch below and see what it is so that I know I’m at the right place in my pattern.  Sure, I can tell a knit from a purl, a yarn over from a knit-two-together.  But a SSKPSSO?  That’s a little harder to read.
My last tool to feature is one I picked up in St. Louis: my stitch counter.  At first I used to to keep serious track of where I was in the repeat.  Now I’m just using it to keep track of the 15 repeats I need to get to the end of the scarf.  It’s elegant, artsy, and effective--three things I’m very fond of in knitting tools.  Yes, I have a dozen different ways to keep track of rows, including my beloved Knit Kits (I now own one in every color made), but this one has captured my affections at the moment.
I know the limitations of my descriptive skills.  I do not think I can make the second pass of fifteen repeats captivating reading as I finish this scarf, so we'll end here and show it off later when it's blocked.  Ah, but not before I stoop to including pictures of my adorable dog--who matches the scarf quite nicely even though she doesn’t look very pleased to be exploited as a display model.  Looks a bit like Eeyore here, doesn't she? 
Remember, today marks the last chance you have to leave a comment and qualify for the drawing of a fine Sophie’s tote bag, yarn gauge, and Yarn Requirements guide.
I have wonderful New York City adventures waiting to be stay tuned! 

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Bonnie said...

Keep plugging along! It looks great.