Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Knit Along: Elizabethan Collar from Kirkwood Knittery - Day 4

I didn’t see that coming...
Now see, this is why I like working with yarn.  You’re stitching away, minding your own business with a charming K2P2 ribbing, and then suddenly you see it:  a fetching color shift.
Without your realizing it, the yarn has made a subtle, dare I say elegant, shift of hue, adding a dimension to your project you didn’t even know was going to be there.  I love the slight darkening of the shade that took place just above the stitch shift.  I’m not sure the camera does it any justice--it looks like it’s just the tighter density of the stitches, but no, there’s a color change in there--you’ll have to take my word for it.
I love that I didn’t see it coming.  I love the depth and texture it adds to the color.   I knew the color on the sample Susie showed me back at Kirkwood Knittery changed color--that one had a dramatic color change.  I thought mine wouldn’t have a shift, but I was wrong. 
Normally, I really enjoy being right.  But today, being wrong is a delicious surprise.  I have to speak at a writer’s conference in two weeks, and I have a light blue jacket that’s just begging to be adorned with this collar.  Yes, I like clothes, but for me they are mostly just the backdrop for knitted scarves, neckwarmers, shawls, vests...you get the picture.


Linda B said...

Maybe I'll actually meet you at the conference this year. I'd love to give you a set of my stitch markers.

Allie Pleiter said...

Hey, Linda, I'd like that!