Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat from String Theory Yarn Co. - DONE!

It’s done!

That’s the beauty of little projects--you actually get to the finish line. We won’t talk about the 1000-yard-lace-weight-on-size-6-needle shawl that’s been in my “in progress” box for three years...

Speaking of how long, yes, I had more than enough yarn to finish the hat. You’d think I’d have gotten over that little phobia by now, having been proved wrong over and over. The folks at BeSweet can be trusted. Still, the trauma of being even one ball short on a project years ago can leave deep wounds. We won’t talk about the foray for months on ebay to find that black wool so Mom’s sweater could actually have sleeves....

I was a little stumped by the double i-cord, figuring out how to divide up the eight stitches into two 4-stitch i-cords, but I got around it. The gap between the two cords was larger than I would like, but a few stitches with the tail from the yarn reattached for the second cord took care of that quickly. And I do love the look of a tiny one’s head all tied up like a pretty gift. When they lay down over the crown they look fine...but if they stick up at all they have the disturbing tendency to look like antennae.

Now to the very best part of such projects...deciding which adorable head gets to wear this cutie. A delightful dilemma, to be sure.

Next up? We venture to my other hometown fav store in Downers Grove, Illinois. A yarn store coffee my son says, “everything you really care about in one room!”

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