Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Knit Along: Sweetie Pie Baby Hat from String Theory Yarn Co. - Day 3

Burst my bobble...

Ah, the bobbles. On an internet “how to” search to shore up my bobble basics, I discovered there are about a dozen ways to make the little devils. A dozen ways for me to prove my ineptitude. How enchanting!

I went with the very simple knit-purl 5 stitches into the same stitch and then pass them over one at a time model offered in the pattern. Like anything with multiple tactics, the bobble instructions I found ranged from the above simple one to some mighty complicated procedures. My life is already full of complicated procedures, so simple and in the pattern made it easy to choose what BeSweet recommended.

Enter the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Living in Chicagoland, it was not smart of me to attempt the bobble row during a Cup playoff game. I’m not a big hockey fan, and I underestimated how wrapped up I’d get in the game (granted, while I’m no expert, it was a very good game).

I didn’t actually botch any bobbles, but they couldn’t be called “consistent” by any standard. Some of them are barely pimples on the face of this adorable object. Others are the nice, round adornments I believe they were intended to be. Passing stitches over in a multi-ply yarn like this means you have to be very careful to get all the strings in their right places. That made for some dicey moments, but when it went right, it went nicely right. And when it went wrong, it wasn’t a disaster; it was more of a disappointing result.

Still, it’s going on a baby head. Cuteness is pretty much guaranteed. On to the crown.

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