Thursday, January 29, 2009

Knit-Along: Sampler Scarf from It's A Stitch--part 5

Section 5: The Twin Leaf Pattern

The finish line. Since we’ve been decreasing with every pattern switch, it’s even going a bit faster. Of course, there is the old second sock syndrome looming—after I finish this, I’m only half finished, because I’ve got to do the other half. There’s a smug satisfaction in that, however, because I’m on my second time around and I’ll learn from all my earlier mistakes, right? Say yes, I’m holding the pointy sticks….

It’s hard to see these leaves emerge until the last rows of the pattern. I double-checked my work a couple of times, sure I must have goofed up somewhere. Nope, it’s just a bit hidden until you get all the way through. But when I slid these stitches on a holder signifying my completion, I felt a sense of real triumph. Ha! I have mastered five patterns! Fear me!

Well, fear me after I follow through and do the other half. Like most knitters, I love to start things—it’s the finishing that always does me in.

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Hi, Allie! Great blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll. :D

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