Saturday, November 25, 2017

Silk Moon Crescent shawl from KnitCircus - Day 4


You knew it would happen, didn’t you?

Before I could decide on a tactic, my cake burped up its insides all over my lap like a child who ate too much at the circus. Without warning, the issue of the collapsing cake forced itself upon me. Literally.

My most immediate option to solve this tangle of yarn was also the simplest: find the outside end and start winding. Not even with my fancy ball winder, but the good old-fashioned-by-hand way. That worked for a while as I wound down the outside of the cake, but when I approached the “burped” insides, things got tricky.  With both ends fixed—one on the needles and the other in the cake—it was slow and tedious going. 

It took me an exasperating hour of passing the ball through loops and twists before I could resume knitting.

So now I’m back on track, happily stitching my ever-increasing rows toward the completion of my project.

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