Thursday, November 9, 2017

Silk Moon Crescent shawl from KnitCircus - Day 1

Feelin' good...

This is what I love about knitting. 

When the color is so rich it goes straight to your soul. When the yarn is so soft it takes your pulse down just by touching it. 

When even my dastardly nemesis the garter tab start can’t diminish my enjoyment of launching a new project. 

Delightful beauty. If knitting could be chocolate cake (oh, the very idea!!), this would be the chocolate cake with buttercream frosting of knitting.

I’m in the early, small row stages when progress feels easy and satisfying.  Oh, I know there are behemoth rows ahead of me, rows that take forever to finish, but today is not that day. 

Today the stresses of my life melt away under the gratifying accumulation of soft and pretty stitches. Rows of eyelets pop their eyes to say “Hello! It’s not all garter—we show up every once in a while, too, just to keep things interesting.”

This is “feel-good knitting.” 

Don’t get me wrong—I like “accomplishment knitting,” too.  I welcome projects that up my skill level or challenge me in new ways.

But there is always a place in my heart—and my knitting bag—for the knitting that just feels wonderful. And this is one of those.

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