Sunday, October 22, 2017

The Asheville Scarf from Friends & Fiberworks - Day 4

The long end of it...

This is a bind-off that takes a time commitment. I can crochet, but not well, and I don’t really enjoy it. However, given my sketchy history with getting my bind-offs to have the right elasticity, I’m always in the market to learn a new technique that might lead to success.

The single crochet bind-off uses a hook the same size as your knitting needle, crocheting into each stitch as you slip it from your left needle. You get a lovely edge and a nice amount of give, but it’s not a quick process, especially for a long edge like this.  It took me almost two hours to accomplish this task. Granted, it might have gone faster if I were not watching something as engrossing as Stranger Things, but be warned this isn’t a quick finish.

Bella chose to pose with the scarf, too
Now, of course, I’m itching to give this pretty little thing a bath and see how it transforms.  With the fiber soften, will the edges smooth out and the stitches open up? Stay tuned and we’ll see.

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