Saturday, August 12, 2017

Maverick Cowl from Lucky Ewe Yarn - Day 3

Color and shine...

Another reader mentioned the beautiful sheen on this yarn. Merino is a lovely fiber, but when you add the touch of silk this fiber has you get this marvelous shimmer that works beautifully on colors like blue and gray. It makes the blue look more like Caribbean waters and the grey look more like silver. And oh, the softness…

While it’s not apparent on this circular needle right now, this is going to be a cowl of a nice, generous length. Those are always my favorite. The ones that wrap once around never quite seem to fall right around my neck—they always look the wrong size (even though cowls are “one size fits all”).

Having the lacework double back on itself by swapping out the K2TOG to SSK creates a clever chevron pattern that draws attention nicely to the center of the piece. It also adds a nice “halfway” benchmark that lets me know I’m on track to finish in time. 

I think this could make a lovely school or team colors gift for someone. It’s not quite as obvious as straight block stripes, but still makes the bold color combo statement a collegiate or sports fan would appreciate. This one, however, I’m keeping for myself.

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