Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Maverick Cowl from Lucky Ewe Yarn - Day 1

What's in a name...

If you’re of “a certain age”, it’s hard not to think of James Garner when you hear the name Maverick.  The dashing gambler brothers graced the television screens from the late 50s to early 60s and many more years in reruns. Me, I more associate the name with Mel Gibson’s 1994 movie resurrection of the moniker alongside Jodie Foster (in which James Garner also appeared).

The “real” Maverick—for those of us who don’t call Texas home—was Samuel Augustus Maverick. This legendary Texan lawyer, politician, land baron was also a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence. His rebellious personality is where we derive the term “maverick.”

Conversely, this cowl is based on how two hues get along, rather than clash. Choose a pair of dramatically complimenting colors to make the most of this pattern. I’ve got two lovely solids in the rich colors that mark Maverick Fiber Company yarns, but you could also pair a heathered yarn or subtly variegated yarn with another solid for a different look. Personally, I favor a neutral paired with a bold hue for a project like this, but you can do just about anything that tickles your fancy.

It’s a generous loop that you’re casting on lengthwise, so this is going to be a nice, stretchy cowl. I used the long-tail cast on to keep that elasticity. Not wanting to run out of tail for all those 220 stitches, I used my favorite “inch per stitch” allowance and it was spot on. I chose to put my neutral color—gray in this case—on the outside so those texture stripes would be in the rich blue. This yarn feels so nice between my fingers, I can’t wait to add that gorgeous blue in the next section!

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