Sunday, June 18, 2017

Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief from The Wool Cabin—Done!

The never-ending wow...

For the first years of my knitting career, I never blocked anything.  Some of that might have been because as a novice, I mostly stuck to inexpensive, acrylic fibers.  Not that workhorse yarns don’t have their place, but once you experience the beauty of a quality fiber, it’s hard to go back.  There is something in an exquisite natural fiber—how it feels and how it behaves—that can’t be synthesized with chemistry.

When I open a brand new box of my books, the magic of that first moment never fades no matter how many years I’ve been writing.  It’s always a wow moment.  The same is true for me when I block a knitted piece. When I’m done knitting, it feels like the fiber is ready, eager to become whatever it’s supposed to be.  It’s always a brand new creation when I pull it from the blocking wires.  As if the piece steps into its intended identity. Heady words, I know, but the wonder of blocking is never lost on me. The fibers relax—literally—and settle themselves into the shape and drape we’ve both been working to achieve.

This is a beautiful kerchief.  Just the right weight to take off the air-conditioning chill while enjoying a summer dinner.  Easy enough to be pleasant knitting, beautiful enough to be a satisfying result of knitting efforts.  Well done, Orange Flower Yarn and The Wool Cabin!  If I haven’t yet convinced you, try this free pattern out for yourself.

Next up, I cast on the more complex Summer Shadow shawl from Hemstitched Heirlooms.

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