Saturday, May 13, 2017

On the Spice Market Shawl from Blazing Needles - Day 5

Earning my stripes…

In the final section of this dramatic shawl, the color does all the talking.  Wide stretches of each of the contrasting colors, separated by a line of alternating main color stitches, cascade out to the edge. In essence, you end where you began—just on a larger scale.  I like the poetry of that.

It comes, however, at the cost of very long garter stitch rows. Not so bad if you’re sitting listening to a presentation, a bit more challenging if you’re trying to get two stripes done so you can put up your next blog post.  It took me longer than expected (no true surprise for a sneaky side-to-side version of a top down shawl), but I’m certainly enjoying the payoff.  One more strip of gray, and then on to the vibrant colors.

I’ve had people stop me and ask me what I’m knitting.  It’s the rich colors and the bold graphic design, I think, that catch their eye.  That makes me happy, because I know that if it’s that appealing on the needles, it will be even more so once it graces my shoulders.  I know I’ll be thrilled whenever someone asks me “Did you make that?” because I’ll get to smile and say “Yes!”

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