Friday, March 31, 2017

Little Cotton Rabbit from Willow Hill Yarn Company — Day 3


Now we get down to the nitty gritty of bunny architecture.  This feels more like science than art, but I have to admit it’s cute science.  I’m glad to take this in small sections, because knitting small items with tiny needles is hard on my hands.  

The body is relatively easy—a rounded rectangle that you seam up the back, but the legs get tricky.  You’ve got to pay seriously close attention. The feet are downright complicated, but Williams does provide both clear instructions and lots of useful photos.

I have to say, this Little Cotton Rabbit is smaller than I thought it would be.  A part of me wants to try this again with a larger gauge yarn to make a bigger bunny.  Having not yet even gotten through it the first small time, I know better than to trust that instinct.  

I’m nervous that the proportions will be all out of whack on this, but there’s no way to know until it’s finished.

So, I press on, building a bunny, part by bitty knitted part. 

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