Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Caterpillar to Butterfly Scarf from Sheep's Clothing

Animal antics...

“That can’t be long enough.”

I stare at this scarf, now cast on my needles exactly as instructed, and I can’t see how this short swath of stitches is going to transform itself into a full length scarf.  

I understand the concept, and I recognize the truth that dropped stitches take up more space than knitted ones, but I can’t envision how this is going to stretch out as much as it seems to need to.

Then again, I understand the concept of metamorphosis that turns a caterpillar into a butterfly, I’ve seen it work, but I still can’t quite get my brain around how it happens.  So the name suits, don't you think?

I made an interesting choice in provisional cast on yarn here.  I was staring it it for a while, thinking the whole thing looked vaguely familiar, and then it hit me:  sock monkey.  

The colors of the yarn (in it’s current length—it changes several times throughout the ball) are just like the red-brown-and-white sock monkeys we all know and love.  I know that reaction will go away once the other hues come into play, but it is rather amusing to feel like I’m knitting a sock monkey.

A too-short sock monkey that turns into a caterpillar that turns into a long-enough butterfly.  Is knitting an amazing thing or what??

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