Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Brassica Shawl from Mosaic Yarn Studio--Done!


Look at it!  This project is absolutely worth all the time and strife I put into it.  The wingspan is luxuriously long—perfect for someone “not small” like me.  

It was so long I had to borrow a screen door to block it--and even then I had to fold it back on itself.

So yes, it's long. Wonderfully long. I love that there’s more than enough length to lay the lacework section across my chest and loop either “wing” loosely around my neck and shoulders. Lots of time when I do that, the ends feel too short. Not this time!

I love the color--even though it looks different in every photo here. I'm eager to wear it on St. Patrick’s Day—only I don’t think I’ll be able to wait that long. This beauty will make its debut this week (maybe even tomorrow!!)

Thanks, Darlene and Mosaic Yarn Studio, for an adventure of a project!

Next up, DestiKNITions travels to Peoria, IL.

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