Monday, February 8, 2016

Brassica Shawl from Mosaic Yarn Studio--Day 3

A worthwhile challenge...

This is harder than I thought.  The first dozen rows of this new section took a LOT of time.  Mostly because at the end of each row I had to stop, take stock, and record where I was in each of three areas:  the border repeats, the individual lace repeats, and how many lace repeats I had done.  That’s a lot of counting for one pattern.  

The good news is that the Sirka is the perfect tool to manage this.  All I had to remember was which color represented which set of counts.  Well, that and to shift each of the little tabs one “click” at the end of each row.  I’m astounded at how many times I almost forgot to do that.

It made for challenging public knitting—needing lots of concentration—and a great deal of my knitting time this week was in public.  That’s why this post is late…I didn’t make progress at the speed I’d hoped.  The good news about knitting, however, is that lives are rarely at stake, and all is well even if a few days behind schedule.

For all its challenges, it is pleasant knitting.  Engaging (if you’re not too distracted) and satisfying.  I’ve never done a shawl that looks so long and narrow in the making before—I am wondering if the shape will change at all once blocked.  The texture is lovely—not too delicate, but still elegant and with a nice drape.  And the fiber…ahh against the fingers.

I’m officially half-way done and very much enjoying myself.

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