Thursday, January 28, 2016

Brassica Shawl from Mosaic Yarn Studio--Day 1

Top notch...

Words cannot describe my joy at knowing this shawl will not result in another Top-Down Rant.  Yes, I know the rows will get longer for a while, but it will only be for a while.  At some point I’ll reach that magic middle where the rows start to get shorter and shorter.

I find it amusing that we’re also at the point in the year where the days get longer and longer.  It’s a fitting metaphor.  Even if we’re only gaining minutes of daylight each week, I find it heartening.

Still, this piece is not without it’s challenges.  To work two patterns at once will require a bit of brain matter.  Fortunately, I have a gadget that will help with that—my trusty Sirka counter.  Sure, mine looks a bit like a pocket watch on pastel steroids, but now it comes in lovely vibrant colors, too—I want more!  This brilliant gizmo counts three separate things simultaneously.  That makes it ideal for instructions like “repeat this six-row pattern eleven times,” but we’re not quite there yet.

For now, the increasing half of this shawl is mostly stockinette with a clever little i-cord border (quickly becoming my new favorite!).  On the other side, the eyelet border stays constant over a six-row repeat.  So, right now, I only have to know where I am in the six-row border repeat.  This means I’m only using one of the colored hands on my clock.

That will change, but not for a while.  What a delightful start!

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