Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Foxy Duo Cowl from Criativity - Done!

Draped and Dramatic...

This would be a showstopper at a bookfair.  Or a special event.  It might be a bit much for a run to the supermarket, but who's life couldn't use a little more dazzle?

I'll admit the eyelash and the fur take some getting used to--I always feel as if something's moving around my face.  I may still snip the eyelash off, but I'm going to give it some time before I do anything so drastic.

One thing is for sure: it gets a response.  Some people love it, others look at me sideways, as if to say "what is that thing around your neck?"

It feels wonderful.  Light and fluffy and cuddly all at the same time.

You owe it to yourself to check it out.  While it may not be your thing, you might just love it.  Or know someone who would.

Thanks, Criativity, for a true knitting adventure!


Alicia Chiver said...

Love that you got it done! We are always looking for adventures.

Prism LB said...

Hi Allie, it looks great on you! A perfect color, too. Sorry, life got crazy and I just had time to catch up. I would have told you to just ignore the eyelashes; in the end, enough of them poke out to just add that little "something-something". Years of experience has taught me that! Hope you do wear it and come to appreciate the great little piece that it is! Laura B