Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Day 1

Yeah, yeah, I know—Miley Cyrus’ twerking ruined it for all of us.  The words “blurred lines” have been forever associated with Robin Thicke’s catchy-yet-nasty tune and the phrase “what rhymes with hug me?”

Me, I’m much more fond of this cleaned-up-but-just-as-catchy version showcased on The Sing-off by University of Kentucky’s AcoUstiKats.  Just try not to smile and bob while you listen to this:

Given the nature of the fiber’s color way—long color changes slowly transforming through a series of three of four hues throughout the cake—the name makes sense.  Blurred Lines comes in a variety of weights so you can avail yourself of these lush colors for a variety of projects.  For this shawlette, I’m using a sport weight version that confines itself from pink to purple and back again.

Which posed a quandary:  Start with pink or start with purple?  Practically, it meant either pull from the center or the outside (I appreciate that they gave me that choice, by the way)?  After some thought, I decided it would be easier to match the purple with other clothing so I chose to start with pink and end with purple.  Being a “winter” in my coloring, having the bright pink next to my face didn’t pose a problem.  Give some thought to this as you choose your own cake.

This was my third time attempting the garter tab start for a top down shawl, and now that I understand the concept more clearly I met with greater success.  

Section One—the project is divided into seven sections, perfect for Chunky Method knitting—comprises a very basic stockinette to get you started.  Section Two wields yarn-overs to give you a fishnet feel but still with easy stitching.  From my cake, I didn’t see a color change until much later, so that provided a bit of anticipation to keep me going.  

Off to a bright start indeed!

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Virginia Smith said...

HEY! I know those guys! In fact, I was there, at the taping of that show in Hollywood. VERY COOL!