Thursday, January 15, 2015

Brush Creek Cowlette from The Knitting Nest - Done!

Wavy wonderfulness!

Oh my.  This is lovely.  The weight, the way it lays across my collarbone, the wavy wonderfulness of it all.  You know you’ve hit a great pattern when you put it on and your first thought is all the color combinations you want to make next!

One word of caution:  Watch the upper edge!  Because I am picky about bumpy edges next to my skin, I did a selvege edge across the top, and that cost me a lot of elasticity where I need it most.  Had I left it according to the pattern, the neck hole would have been stretchier.  

As it was, I needed to do a lot of…persuading…to get the thing over my head.  I spent so much time heeding the instructions to “aggressively block” the lower edge to get the bell shape right that I probably didn’t get as “aggressive” with the top edge as I should have.

But isn’t it wonderful?  Don’t you want one?  Get yourself down to Austin and to The Knitting Nest and get one!  Thanks, Stacy, for a truly splendid outcome—well worth the effort!

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