Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lady Fern Scarf from Hill Country Weavers - Day 4

Trellis Finish!

It took so very, very long to get that second skein of Shibui linen knit.  Five whole feet in total!  Honestly, I felt like I was going trellis-mad by the end of it.

The directions say to knit to the end of the second skein, but I elected to save out a small ball in case I decided I wanted fringe at the end of the scarf.  I’m usually not a fringe person, but I keep envisioning fringe at the end of this scarf.  I want to leave myself that option, and I’m willing to risk an inch of trellis to get it.

I found it amusing that the scarf is nearly as tall as my Christmas tree, so I had a little fun with the photography.  I needed to celebrate getting to the end of this trellis marathon.

I can hardly wait to change colors, stitches, and even needle sizes as I begin the last two segments.  It will feel wonderful!

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