Saturday, December 20, 2014

Brush Creek Cowlette from The Knitting Nest - Day 1

The round that starts flat...

By designer Carina Spencer’s definition, a “cowlette” is a cowl with the look of a shawlette when worn.  I like the idea that it will sit securely on my shoulders without the tricky pinning I find most shawlettes require.  The versatile hand-dyed superwash marino wool by Austin-local Bronotta Yarns gives this piece a seasonless quality perfect for warm-climate living.  The kit comes in several color selections, and I’ll be working with the blue-grey “Thunder Gradient” for mine.

While the whole project is worked top-down on a 20” circular needle, the first section (dark blue in my version) is worked flat at first.  Next, I’ll joined in the round now that I’ve reached the 44th row.  Spencer’s directions are nice and clear so there is no confusion.

It’s always a bit of a challenge to work with dark, fingering weight yarn, and I found myself shifting to better lighting and grabbing my reading glasses more than once.  Still, the long stretches of stockinette made even the tiny stitches go fast.  Besides, good quality wool like this always is a joy to stitch up no matter what the size.

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