Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Edie’s Shoulder Wrap from The Knit Shop - Day 2

Adding in the accent…

Now, a few rows into the pattern, the shape begins to really show itself.  It’s fun to watch—rather like when you turn a sock heel, and the straight line of knitting begins to take on a new dimension.  

There is a definite switch in texture from sock weight wool to lace weight mohair.  I’ve always found Kidsilk Haze to be a bit on the tricky side thanks to the “fuzz factor” and the non-elastic nature of the fiber.  At first I was worried that the accent would be too subtle, but I found I rather like the way these colors interact.  The light green adds a bit of interest without the full-scale sparkle Edie showed me in her sample.  

And isn’t that the sort of “I think I’d like it better this way” customization that gives knitting its endless appeal?  Provided you’ve got the skill (or can learn it) and the fiber suits the pattern, you can have anything exactly how you want it.

At the moment, this project is marvelously portable, fitting in the smallest of my knitting bags stashed in a corner of my handbag.  I’m not sure it will stay that way, but right now it’s perfect.  A small project with an easy stitch that still brings beautiful results.

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