Friday, May 2, 2014

Rose Garden Shawl From Knit N Purl - Day 2

I've made a little list...

Things the Rose Garden Shawl has taught me so far:

1. Knitting lace patterns in public, watching certain television shows, or in meetings generally meets with mistakes.
2. Knitting mistakes turn me into a grumpy and generally unproductive person.
3. People don’t like grumpy me in meetings and public places.
4. There are limited places I can safely knit this shawl.
5. I am not as smart as I think I am.
6. You would think, given my education, that counting to sixteen should fall safely within my skill set.
7. Counting to sixteen eludes me surprisingly often lately.
8. SSK is hard to undo successfully with a multicolored yarn of darker hues.
9. When one makes a mistake in lace knitting, it will almost always involve the SSK
10. Chocolate should be licked off fingers after mistake intervention sweets have been consumed but before mistake reparation begins. 

I always learn new things about myself—good and bad—when I attempt new lace patterns.

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