Friday, April 18, 2014

Island Knits Shoulder Wrap from Island Knits - Day 5

Fringe element...

It took me nearly the entire project—I’m close to the finish but not quite done—to decide.  Fringe, or no fringe?  

It’s always a conundrum for me when I debate whether to veer from a designer’s pattern.  Especially here, out in the knitting public.  There have been times where I doubted I’d like a pattern’s outcome—and ended up loving it.  That part of knitting holds the same wonder writing does for me:  you never quite know what you’re going to get until you’re done.

Knitting is also, however, a highly personal craft.  I know my tastes, I usually know what pleases me and why.  I know that I don’t care for fringe.  I own one rectangular shawl with fringe—really more like tassels—at each end.  Fringe all down the large edge of this shawl?  I really don’t think I’ll enjoy it.

It’s already making me nervous that I won’t have enough yarn to get through the bind off on this project.  It’s not like a prayer shawl where you can cut your fringe strands before you start your third skein—this is a one skien project.

Internet to the rescue!  This week one of my favorite local yarn stores sent out an e-newsletter with this exact yarn featured.  I had my solution!  I will finish the shawl and bind it off.  I will wear it once and see how I like it without the fringe.  Should I decide it really needs that edging, I will walk myself down to the shop and pick up a second skein with which to add said fringe.

Problem solved.  For now.  Stay tuned to see my final decision.

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