Thursday, August 30, 2012


Three little letters...

I’ve goofed.  

It’s a tiny goof, but tiny goofs repeated over and over...and over and over...well, they tend to grow.  

Somehow, despite reading five different repeats of this pattern, I missed the K2Tog after the groupings of yarn-overs.  Did I realize this productively early on in the piece, in the first crucial inches?  No.  I figured it out halfway through the scarf.

I suppose a woman of more character would have ripped the whole thing out.  Evidently I am not a woman of sufficient character.  

It’s not a disaster--yet.  And I’m willing to soldier on in the hopes that it only makes a subtle difference.  I’m banking that I still end up with a clever scarf, and not an indigo knitted jellyfish (see earlier pie reference if you’re confused).  If I am fortunate, I’ll just end up with a slightly curvier, slightly wider scarf.  The brilliance in this pattern is the yarn-over trim, and that’s still intact.  There may even be a way to drop the offending non-KTog’d stitch down in each repeat and fix it.  However, I’ll only adopt such drastic measures if the thing really looks funny once completed.

I’m curious, DestiKNITters, how strong is your sense of knitting perfection?  Would you frog a dozen hours of work to get it right or soldier on in the hopes no one notices much?

Seems to me this is a lovely place for the first-ever DestiKNITters poll

Click HERE to tell me what you’d do in my place.  I'll share the results in my next installment.

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