Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Alligator Scarf from Knitting Under the Influence of Nancy - Day 2

There comes a point in many patterns where you have to trust the instructions--even when they don't make sense.  You can see where you are, see where you will end up, but can't fathom how you'll get from A to B.  The back bumps of this alligator are just such a situation.  I've done enough three dimensional knitting that I understand the basic concepts.  Still, when I reached the "bind off eight stitches tightly" part of these instructions, I couldn't quite picture how those increases were going to turn into alligator bumps.  This is where a knitter has to have faith in her designer.  Faith that--unlike lots of life--following the directions really does achieve the desired results.

And lo and behold--it does! The next line where you knit across tightly produces a row of five tidy alligator bumps.  This is one of those situations where it is best to be knitting amongst your own kind, for a non-knitting friend or spouse doesn't get it when you stuff your successful knitting in their face and demand adulation.  They just don't see the triumph in alligator bumps.  

But we do!

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Bonnie said...

Indeed we do! Your alligator is pleasingly bumpy.