Monday, September 26, 2011

Knit Along: Angora Lace Scarf from Lion Brand Studio - Day 2

Pretty, shiny, fuzzy, soft
So...would you ever knit wire?
I can’t ever envision myself knitting wire to make jewelry.  I know it’s done, I can appreciate the craft of it, but knitting is all about the tactile sensation for me.  I love the finished objects, but how I get there is as much of the satisfaction as anything else.  The fiber and the needles must give me pleasure in holding them, manipulating them, twisting, touching.  Wire wouldn’t do that.  I suspect if I talked to a passionate baker, she’d tell me the same thing about kneading bread and call me a lunatic for out-sourceing to a bread-making machine.  It’s personal.
Are tools or outcomes more important?
The combination of a mildly intricate pattern, sumptuous angora merino yarn, and high-quality Signature needles is perfection in this project.  I’ll love this scarf not because it’s especially stunning--although the color and texture are quite nice--but because it was such a pleasure to make.  Swap out for plastic needles and rough hemp, and I’d drop this so fast it would make your head spin.  Same pattern, same basic outcome, completely different experience.  The best part about it is that YOU can combine YOUR favorite elements to create an experience most lovable for you.  
Does it always work this way?
Not always.  The dynamic changes for me when the project is a gift.  I’m about to knit some hats and scarves for my nieces.  The needles and fibers are secondary, and I won’t pay much attention to how much I love the process because the payoff for me is those two girls in warm goodies from Aunt Allie.  So you’ve probably already figured out that no one is getting their hands on this charming little scarf but me.  True!


Rebecca said...

:) You remind me of a LYS owner who I overhead on the weekend asking an employee if she had ever knitted with wire. The owner then said that she used to have a book about knitting with wire at the shop but she took it home because she didn't want anyone getting the idea of doing such a thing.

Allie Pleiter said...

Rebecca--that's a good one! I suppose I'll have to eat my words one day when I do try it (but it won't be soon...)