Sunday, November 29, 2009

Knit Along: Mohair Shrug from Showers of Flowers - Day 3

Hear me roar...

Now, we’re cooking. The new, correct pattern has made it much easier for me to take this on in Continental (translation: faster) style, so I stand a snowball’s chance of having it ready Friday.

I’d stand a better chance had the most sinister of viruses not taken down my family computer over the weekend forcing me to drop my needles and become my superhero alter ego “I.T. MOM.” Since I spent 48 straight hours battling evil cyber-demons, I didn’t get a whole lot of progress made. Still, having annihilated no less than twelve viruses, avoided a complete hard drive wipe with my bare hands, scrubbed and reinstalled an entire printer driver system, nothing scares me anymore. I am “I.T. MOM,” hear me roar.

An entire mohair shrug in five days? Bring it on.

156 stitches per row for over a foot? Ha! I laugh in the face of danger.

So you’ll excuse me if I skip my customary verbosity and get to the pointy sticks. After all, time's a’wastin.

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